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“It is 21 years old and now looks brand new. The difference is unbelievable. Vince also installed a new shower door. He cleaned up thoroughly and was punctual and very pleasant to work with.”

— T.G.
Service provided: Vince refinished the entire shower stall in the master bath room.

“Vince refinished my tub and all exposed tiles in white. Very happy with his work. This is the second project he has done in our home.”

— N.L.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review, ceramic tile.

“Vince did a great job refinishing our clawfoot tub which was in pretty poor shape. He showed up exactly when he said he would, was both professional and friendly and took the time to explain what he was doing. He also did a good job of cleaning up after the job was done.”

— T.M.
Service provided: Stripped epoxy from clawfoot tub. Removed drain and repaired rust and wear. Filled all chips and scratches. Refinished tub in white.

“Excellent. Could not have gone better. Vince is a very skilled technician. Professional, punctual and skilled. I recommend Vince highly. “

— M.R.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“Vince was extremely professional. He had quoted me one price, unseen over the phone, but when he saw the condition of the tub and tiles, he lowered his price. Would highly recommend the man and the service.”

— C.S.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“Vince did a fantastic job [for bathtub refinishing]! He called to confirm the day before and arrived right on schedule. He went above and beyond by not only refinishing the bathtub but also touched up the minor defects in the shower portion (small cracks, discoloration). It looks wonderful!”

— R.R.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“We had an excellent experience with them. He did a really good job. He was meticulous. He showed up on time and cleaned up afterwards. He was very easy to deal with. He was there to please me. He was less expensive than the competition.”

— D.M.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“He was punctual. Polite. The bathtub looks great! We look forward to refinishing our other bathtub with Affordable Refinishing LLC!”

— J.C.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“The provider arrived on time, and performed the tub refinishing to my expectations. The technician was professional and courteous, and did a fantastic job. I was pleased with this service.”

— B.B.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“Mr Greco stripped the finish off our old, avocado green tub and refinished it in a nice, neutral bone color. He vented the bathroom during the work so that the fumes from the paint did not build up. He even came back to put in a tub drain that the general contractor was supposed to have done. Very nice!!!

Member Comments: Mr Greco was very organized, polite, and extremely professional. He worked around our bathroom remodel schedule, provided a full estimate for his work, matched the color for the tub to the toilet, and gave us detailed information as to the process. The tub looks great and I am very happy that we decided to have it refinished instead of replacing the tub. I would recommend him to anyone!”

— E.J.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review; Plumbing Review.

“Vince Greco is a true craftsman who takes pride in his work. I have used his tub refinishing service several times over the past four years or so, and his professionalism and workmanship always impress me. He is not the cheapest around, but he’s not that much more and the quality could not be better. He meticulously stripped an old, cheap DIY reglazing, filled and buffed dozens of little chips, reglazed the tub — better than new. He also recaulks around the tub and replaces the tub drain if necessary so the whole tub is renewed. His signature touch is a little dixie cup he tapes to the tub spout to make absolutely sure not a drop of water falls on the new finish until it’s ready. A true pro!”

— Y.C.
Service Provided: Stripped and reglazed standard tub.

“They were great, and very meticulous.”

— D.M.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“I am happy with the owner, Vince’s work. I plan to sell my house in 2015 and my tiles were dated. It took Vince approximately 5 hours to recolor my tiles. The price was reasonable.

— A.P.
Service provided: Recolored my ceramic shower tiles from mauve to white.

“This price was well worth it. I researched replacing the tub or covering it with a prefabricated shell and that was much more expensive. I am very pleased! He was on time, friendly, professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with, finished in one day with excellent results! While he was waiting for paint to dry, he even fixed my storm door which had pulled out of the door frame. I was pleasantly surprised, and very grateful for that additional kindness. I can see why he was booked 6 weeks in advance.”

— J.B.
Service provided: Refinished my bathtub and tile. The tub was peeling, and mold in grout would not come clean. Now it looks shiny and brand new, and I no longer have to fight mold in the grout.

“He was very good. The service was excellent, he knew the technique, he was prompt in doing the job, and it turned out great. He was very clean afterwards, and he was very professional in his work. The price was fine, I didn’t check with a lot of people, because I had seen his previous work.”

— B.G.
Service provided: I used Affordable Refinishing for bathtub refinishing.

“Vince gave us a written proposal, with cost and time to complete the work. After accepting his proposal, we agreed on a date to begin work. He was on time and fully prepared for the job. He had anticipated taking four days to complete the work, but only took three days. The results exceeded our expectations largely due to Vince’s care and attention to detail. We are extremely pleased, and would not hesitate to have Vince work in our home again.”

— R.S.
Service provided: Small bathroom remodel consisting of the following: Removed shower tile and drywall. Supplied and installed tile backer on walls. Installed our wall tiles and grout. Refinished shower base. Caulked tile and base as needed. Installed our floor tiles and grout over existing tile floor. Disposed of all debris.

“Professional appearance, service, and workmanship. The owner provided the service.”

— M.S.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“Vince came on time and got straight to work. Stripped the shower pan, repainted it and removed and replaced the caulking. Finished up in about 2.5 hours. We were extremely pleased with his work and professionalism. Would us him again in a minute.”

— G.W.
Service provided: Refinish shower pan, remove and replace caulking.

“The Owner, Vince, was very pleasant to deal with while making the appointment via telephone. He arrived on time and was prepared to work. Vince thoroughly taped off the area and used drop cloths and plastic to ensure no other surface was damaged during the process. He started by removing the old caulk, cleaning the tub and surrounding area, and using a substance to etch the existing surface to promote adhesion of the porcelain spray. Vince applied several coats to the entire tub, waiting between coats to make certain each one was dry. In between coats Vince was very personable. He took the time to thoroughly explain each step and offered both verbal guidance and written instruction on future maintenance and cleaning of the new surface. He did OUTSTANDING work. The tub actually looks better now than when it was new.

The new surface came with a (5) year warranty against defects in material and workmanship. He did an outstanding job cleaning up after he was done. If you are considering having a tub replaced, talk to Vince and save yourself considerable time, mess, and expense. I have no doubt that you will be very pleased with the result.”

— B.H.
Service provided: Vince removed the old caulking from our tub, cleaned and etched the entire tub surface, refinished the tub in white, and recaulked the tub.

“Vince arrived exactly on time and got right to work. He removed the old surround which was 30 years old and inspected the drywall around the area. He repaired some damaged areas with green board and went about installing the new surround. He then re-glazed the tub. Vince was here most of the day and worked diligently the entire time. Occasionally I would pop in to see if he had found any problems and how he was doing. He was very professional and answered all questions so that I understood.
His estimated price was indeed his final price.

The finished work was EXCELLENT! My wife and I are very happy with our “NEW” bathroom.

We have no doubt that we would use Affordable Refinishing for any future work of this kind and will certainly Highly recommend his services to anyone. THANKS, VINCE!!!!”

— F.E.
Service provided: Re-glazed bath tub from pink to white and installed tub surround.

“I chose Affordable Refinishing due to the great reviews on Angie’s List and fair pricing for our tub reglazing. I was concerned about the fumes, but he provided venting to a nearby window and was very conscientious about the fumes. I was very pleased that the fumes were minimal.

He called the night before to confirm the time, and he came even a few minutes early! He was very professional, courteous, and even took the time to tell us how we could fix our leaky tub faucet. The tub looks great and I am very glad that we used his service. The tub comes with a 5 year warranty which is great. He also gave us an informative and detailed sheet on the care of the tub.”

— E.Y.
Service provided: Vince stripped the old, peeling tub liner (that had been installed by another company) and reglazed it. Also, he caulked the edges of the tub.

“Vince came out quickly and was able to give me an estimate on the spot to refinish my pink outdated tub and matching tile in the shower area and small surrounding walls. He discussed the need to patch certain areas, but seemed unconcerned about them. He was able to come out a few weeks later and complete the work in one day. In the end, you would never even be able to guess where patchwork had taken place. He was professional and neat and the bathroom looks brand new. Great job and thank you Vince!!!”

— R.H.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review and Surrounding Tile Review.

“We had used Vince’s services in another home last year. Vince visited this home and followed up with a written estimate via e-mail. Vice arrived on time for the first day of work (it was a 2 day job) and promptly began. He finished as promised on the 2nd day and completely cleaned up. the finished product looks wonderful – both bbathroom areas look brand new and it’s a 25 year old house. Vince goes the extra mile to install the extra new pieces we had purchased and there were no unexpected charges. Can’t say enough about Vince – would certainly use his service again.”

— S.E.
Service provided: Refinished tub and tile area in 1st bathroom and refinished shower and tile area in 2nd bathroom + installed shower doors in both.

“Everything went perfectly from estimate to finish.”

— D.T.
Service provided: Vince removed an old shower door, installed the new door, refinished our tub and tile and a countertop for the sink. The finish product was unbelievable. We were very happy with the work and price. We would recommend Vince highly.

“Vince did an excellent job. He lived up to the great ratings I read on Angie’s List. In my master bathroom, he converted my very large tub from pink to white and a pink tile stripe from dark pink to a nice tan color and regrouted/recaulked my separate shower stall. This finished off other upgrades I had done and totally updated my bathroom. The tub and shower stall look new! Vince also reglazed the bathtub off my hallway in a tan color. Bath tub mats over the years had discolored the bottom of the metal tub and made it look dingy. That tub also looks new and complements other upgrades. He arrived on time for both his estimate and work and finished the job in less than 2 days over a 3-day period to accomodate our desire to have access to a shower each day. I highly recommend Vince and his work for both quality and price.”

— L.V.
Service provided: Refinished 2 tubs, l very large and acrylic, and the other standard size metal. He also recaulked around the 2 tubs. He refinished a stripe of tile around my large tub in a color I chose. He also regrouted and recaulked my shower tile stall and glass door.

“Vince was so friendly and professional. He was in contact with me a few times before we had the tub refinished because I had a few questions for him that he was more than willing to answer. I had also asked if there was a cancellation if our tub could be bumped to the cancellation time and lucky us, someone cancelled and we had the work completed 2 weeks early! I now understand why Vince’s calendar is so busy and full of clients, he does an amazing job. He showed up on time, right at 8:30 a.m. on the dot. He kept the workspace clean and cleaned the entire area when he was finished. He also gave very clear directions of when to use the tub and how to care for the tub. He also provides a 5 year warranty!”

— D.R.B.
Service provided: Tub refinishing

“Vince is very tidy, polite and professional. Vince came out and went over all the tile in my 1950’s bathroom. We discussed how and which tiles he would repair or replace. The first day Vince arrived on the dot and prepped the bathtub and wall tiles for the refinishing. He also removed our old sink vanity and replaced it with a new pedastel sink I had purchased. The final day all the refinishing applications were applied with skill and precision. The bathroom is absolutely stunning and it comes with a five year warranty! Do hire Vince if you want a one man perfectionist for the job.”

— S.C.
Service provided: Tub and tile refinishing and vanity sink replacement

“We had a wonderful experience with this company. From my first phone call to Vince to looking at our beautiful tub, I would rate this job an A+++. I spoke with Vince when I called, described what needed to be done, and received an estimate. We set the date. Vince arrived early, and explained what he was going to do. He was totally professional, did an excellent job, and cleaned up everything when he was done. Our 24 year old tub surround looks like it is brand new. We recommend this company highly, and intend to use them for another job in the future.”

— S.L.
Service provided: Vince refinished a fiberglass tub surround.

“The service was excellent form start to finish. Vince called the day before he was scheduled to confirm his arrival time. He arrived on time and discussed what he would need to do for the job. He pointed out that we had a number of problems in the bottom of the tub from using a shower mat and that he would fix those first before reglazing. He removed all of the fixtures and the old caulk. He provided ventilation and protection of the area during the whole process. He informed me as to each step he was performing. Vince recaulked the tub upon completion. He had me check the area upon completion and provided a check list of do’s and don’ts. We found 2 small imperfections the next day and Vince came out the next night to take care of those. It was easy to see why his techniques and prices have earned him an Angie award. He was half the price of his competitors. I would recommend him to anyone who needs to have any refinishing work done.”

— A.M.
Service provided: We had a 20 year old bath and shower combo that was starting to crack. We decided to have it reglazed rather than replaced and we wanted to convert it from bone to white in color. We contacted Affordable Refinishing to have the unit repaired and reglazed. Vince Greco contacted me that day with a quote. We also contacted 2 other companies. Vince was half of their price.

“Vince made an appointment with us so he could see what we needed done. He gave us an estimate on the spot and we scheduled a date for this work to be done. He also e-mailed the original quote to us for our records. He showed up at our house about ten minutes early to start the work. He was very professional throughout our experience. The bathrooms were spotless when his work was completed. He also cautioned me about not taking any showers in the master bathroom until the grout had dried. We would have absolutely no problem having Vince back again to assist us with any other tile work in the future. It was a great experience and we highly reccomend him to others.”

— L.J.
Service provided: Grout needed to be replaced around the shower pan in our master bathroom. Caulking preformed around the tub in the hall bathroom as well as around the splask boards in three bathroom sinks. He also installed a towel rack for us in the bathroom in the basement..

“It still looks nice after a few years. He came in and did the job beautiful. I am very happy with it. They were very pleasant people.”

— R.C.
Service provided: They re-glazed my bathtub.

“Vince was a pleasure to work with. Arrived when promised for estimates and for actual work. Gave us 2 estimates – one for each bathroom. Work was completed in estimated time slot for each bathroom (3 days for 1 bath, 4 days for the 2nd bath). Very clean – removed and disposed of old toilets/ vanities/cabinets/tiles. Left no mess each day while working. Very meticulous with details – fixed small things in each room that were unanticipated when he gave estimates. Vince made sure everything looked nice at the end. Our old 1970s harvest gold bath (ugh) and pinky beige (old) bath are both transformed. They are beautiful! We are delighted. Would highly recommend Vince and Affordable Refinishing LLC to anyone.”

— M.E.
Service provided: Vince remodeled and refinished two bathrooms in our home – fully removing and retiling floors, repairing and refinishing a tub/wall and a shower/wall, installing new toilets/ vanities/cabinets/lights. Vince was the only estimate we sought based solely on his excellent Angie’s List reviews.

“Vince Greco is the owner and he showed up on time. He was pleasant and professional. He did a great job and a thorough clean-up. I could tell by speaking with him that he takes pride in his work. I am so happy with the results and have given friends his contact information.”

— C.C.
Service provided: Remove caulking from the bathtub; wet strip the epoxy from the tub; clean, sand and etch the surface; refinish the tub in white color and re-caulk; re-caulk the tile around tub.

“It was amazing! Vince is a cut above other contractors. I called for an estimate, we play phone tag all day because he was on another job and I am a teacher so our free time never mathced up. Vince continued to return my phone calls the same day until I fianlly spoke to him. I explained what needed to be done, Vince asked a few questions and quoted me the price you see above. I setup an appointment to have the work done on the spot. I acutally needed to call and reschedule due to a family emergency, Vince was MORE than accomodating. The night before the work, Vince called to remind me what time he would be arriving in the morning. The next day he arrived 10 minutes earlier than he anticipated and began working right away. He covered my hallway to prevent damage to the floor and vented the fumes through a window in an adjoining room. He kept me posted as to what was happening throughout the process and was very accomodating to me and my 2 small children, not to mention that he put up with my yappy dog the entire time! (She’s a little high strung!) He finished his work, supplied the paperwork, and the cost was exactly as he had stated in the original estimate. The bathtub and tile surround looks BRAND NEW! I could really not be a happier customer! I took his business card and plan to pass it out to ANYONE and everyone who needs tile work completed! Vince is like NO OTHER! Thank you so much!”

— M.C.
Service provided: Cleaned and stripped old bathtub and tile surround, regrouted all tiles, fixed a few chips in the tub, refinished the bathtub and tile surround to a beautiful, clean white.

“Vince arrived and went directly to work on our tub which we figured was from the 50’s. The whole project took less than 4 hours. It was beautiful! He is an artist and a master of his career!. Our tub looks brand new! Next we have to get him back to do the tiles on the wall and put in a new ceramic floor.”

— F.H.
Service provided: Refinishing and glazing bath tub

“Both of my bathtubs and the tile surrounds were in dreadful condition. In addition, my master bath’s tile floor was in bad shape. I’ve thought about replacing both bathtubs in order to get my house ready for sale, but I couldn’t afford it and the cost would never be recovered in the sale of the house. My bathrooms look fantastic! His detail work is impeccable. Maybe I won’t move after all.”

— C.C.
Service provided: In the master bath, Vince:
Repaired defects in the shower tile and bathtub, cleaned and etched the surfaces, re-grouted as needed
-Removed the visible rust near drain
-Refinished the tub and tile in a “bone” color
-Re-caulked the whole thing
-Removed the floor tile and tile border
-Removed the toilet and prepare the floor to accept a new layer of cement backer
-Installed a layer of .5 inch backer along with my tile and grout
-Created a border with the same tile. Reinstalled the toilet

In the hall bath he:
Removed a 22”x 30” section of tile around the faucet and installed new tile
Cleaned and etched the tile, removed the caulking, and repaired other defects
Refinished the tub and tile in “bone” color, re-caulked the whole thing, patched the drywall
I called Vince and we set up a day for him to come and give me an estimate. He showed up on time and quickly and professionally estimated the job. I trusted him right away. After receiving the estimate via email, I signed the contract and mailed it to him. We then set up some time to do the job. We picked four days. He showed up on time, worked efficiently and effectively, informed me of what he was doing, completed the job on time, and was an absolute pleasure to work with.

“It went very well. Vince answered a few questions for us over the phone, showed up on time, and went to work. His work was thorough and careful. He had to strip off the old coating before re-coating since our tub had apparently been refinished before. I can still hardly believe how much better it looks – it looks brand new! (except the fixtures, which now look kind of old, but we are going to replace those).”

— T.W.
Service provided: Vince refinished the tub in our one full bath.

“Vince is GREAT!! He was punctual and personable. He takes such pride in his work. He refinished our tub and tile – actually brought it to a beautiful lighter color which looks better in our bathroom. He also re-caulked our downstairs bathtub. Absolutely THRILLED with his work. Vince also cleaned up after the work was done. I would recommend Vince to restore your old bathtub – it will look brand new! I was also so happy that he did not over charge us. Well done, Vince! “

— G.U.
Service provided: Stripped the finish off of old bathtub and tiles.
Refinished Bathtub and tiles with porcelain – 5 coats
Sealed with top coat
Re-caulked our other tub

“Vince came and gave us an estimate. He was able to repair tiles, remove some tile fixtures that were no longer needed and regrout. The job was done over two days, promptly and efficiently. Vince’s price was considerably lower than the other estimates we received and he included more services.”

— S.M.
Service provided: We had our entire bathroom reglazed. It looks great! Clean and fresh. We plan on calling Vince again to do our master bath as well.

“This was definitely a positive experience. Vince arrived on time for the estimate as well as for the work itself. He also gave us a courtesy call the night before. He repaired tub, resurfaced tub and surrounding tile, installed safety grab bars, installed new vanity top and sink. I supplied safety bars and vanity top w/ sink. He was very pleasant to work with and I would highly recommend him. The job was completed in the time he had told us and I love it.”

— K.S.
Service provided: Repaired tub, resurfaced tub and surrounding tile, installed safety grab bars, installed new vanity top and sink. I supplied safety bars and vanity top w/ sink.

“Called on Monday. Tub refinished on Tuesday. Back in use on Thursday. Fantastic job. Great responsiveness. Extremely good experience. Overwhelming satisfied.”

— W.F.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review

“I received estimates from four different service providers, and had site visits from three, Vince included. Vince’s pricing was comparable, maybe even nominally lower. What impressed me about Vince compared to the others was his ability to go above and beyond, without even asking. For instance, he volunteered to remove the shower door where the pan would be refinished, as well as all the fixtures associated with the whirlpool. I thought I would need to bring in someone else for that.

Also, the standard tub had two metal rails attached to the top of either side, which no one in the family liked. I asked Vince about finishing those over, and he came up with a MUCH better solution – remove the rails, fill the holes, sand them down, then refinish. This was done (at no additional cost), and the tub looks great.

Vince performed the job in a totally professional manner, his clean up was excellent.
I really liked the fact that Vince was the person I was dealing with from bid to the job, some had different people taking bids and doing the finish work.

Finally, when I was making the check out to Vince, he told me the final price was LESS than the original estimate. That was unexpected, and a pleasant surprise.

This is a great way to get like new bath tubs at a fraction of the price of new.”

— B.S.
Service provided: Refinishing and minor restoration of one whirlpool tub, one standard bath tub, and one shower pan, including grouting.

“Vince did an outstanding job at an outstanding price. I was so happy with his work on one bathroom we asked him to do a second.”

— J.R>
Service provided: Resurfaced tile walls and shower stall and installed ceramic tile floor in one bathroom and resurface tub and tile wall in another.

“Called Vince for estimate. His response was fast and he came out within a couple of days. He emailed me a proposal and provided me with an installation date and time. He called the day before to confirm. On the day of installation he showed up on time. Vince did an outstanding job and I highly recommend him”

— B.B>
Service provided: Bathtub and surrounding tile re-glassed. New tile installed on bathroom floor.

“He answered the phone almost immediately when I called the first time. Came promptly at the date and time for the review and estimate. Called a couple days ahead of the work itself. Showed up on time. He originally thought it would take about a day and a half. He was here for a day and half. The work was impeccable. We almost had to convince him to do the work, it was in such bad shape and he’s a perfectionist. He was afraid he wouldn’t be able to do it to his satisfaction. He left happy and we stayed happy.”

— N.K.
Service provided: Our 70 year old house had a rather disgusting bathtub and lots of problems with the tile tub surround. The tub was stained and scored and altogether unpleasant. Vince cleaned, filled, regrouted, caulked and recoated the tile surround and the bathtub.

“Vince arrived promptly two days following our phone call to him. He is a master of his trade. He is prompt and polite. We definitely recommend him.”

— M.B.
Service provided: He removed the calking from the bathtub, refinished and recalked, and recaulked our separate shower.

“Vince was responsive, honest and straightforward. He took time to describe the process and even answered questions about unrelated plumbing issues. He called two days ahead of time to confirm the work appointment and came ten minutes early on the day of the job. He was completely unobtrusive when performing the work and cleaned up completely when he was done. I would happily recommend him to others.”

— M.D.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“They did excellent work and were very efficient.”

— E.N.
Service provided: I used Affordable Refinishing LLC on the 27th of April this year and they recoated the tile on the walls and put in new tile on the floor.

“Very pleased with service, responsiveness and quality of work. He is clean, efficient and friendly. Would highly recommend if you are looking to refinished a tub/tile/shower!”

— C.E.
Service provided: Vince refinished a bathtub this spring. We also had him do a standup shower (4 walls, pan and ceiling) last fall.

“We chose them because of the recommendations. We didn’t do a lot of shopping around for a price, but this was reasonable and in the ballpark that we expected.”

— C.B.
Service provided: Affordable Refinishing reglazed a bathtub for us.

“From the day that Vince visited us to provide an estimate; he was punctual and worked diligently. He provided quality work and offered various ideas for keeping our renovation project to a reasonable cost. Vince kept in touch throughout the project and was always professional, courteous, and trustworthy. He maintained tidy work areas the entire two days he performed renovations in our home. Vince’s fee is noted above. While it does include the purchase of the toilets, we purchased the vaniity bases, vanity tops, medicine cabinets, faucets, etc. from a home improvement store. Although there were numerous delays regarding equipment delivery and damaged fixtures were delivered (due to no fault of Vince’s), he worked with us regarding scheduling and went the extra mile to repair the flaws that we discovered when various items were finally delivered. We would not hesitate to hire Vince to do future renovations and we highly recommend him to anyone who wants quality workmanship at a fair price.”

— D.R.
Service provided: We had two upstairs bathrooms that needed to be updated from their early 1980’s look. The vanities, toilets, faucets, and medicine cabinets needed to be upgraded and the tub and shower caulking and shower stall floor were grimy, even though we had used just about every product to clean them. Vince completed all of the repairs we requested and even did some extra work that he noticed along the way. The re-glazing of the shower stall was incredible! It looks brand new!

“I called Vince a week before he was scheduled to do the work and he had no problem with doing what I requested. Even with doing a smaller job the itemized price for refinishing the bathtub did not change and that was very much appreciated. Vince was in and out within 3 hours and you would not have known he was here except for the bathtub looked great.”

— D.A.
Service provided: Vince estimated refinishing two bathrooms in my house and gave me a date to do the job. He estimated two days to do the work. My circumstances changed and we decided to only refinish one bathtub.

“Finishing a day ahead of schedule and on budget, Vince Greco completed the refinishing of two bathrooms; one full-bath and a 3/4 bath. The bathrooms were 27 years old with powder blue wall tiles, bathtub and toilets. Also, these baths showed the full effect of heavy use (three teenagers and busy parents) over time. In addition to refinishing of the blue tub and wall tiles to the shiney, neutral color “biscuit”, Vince completed numerous repairs and fixture replacements to address leaks, rotted wall and floor board, and cracked caulking. He also placed a total of 80 sq ft of floor tile for the two rooms, replaced two toilets, replaced sink/shower/tub faucets and fixtures, and one light fixture. Flawlessly.

Vince provided a price estimate after inspecting the bathrooms and indicated the work would be completed in five days. He actually completed everything in four days. He showed up on time and was prepared to work immediately. Vince is very professional; he is focused and on task at all times. My office is five minutes away, so I was able to stop in at various times and always found him on task and progressing. Quality work and cost-savings were his priority.

He is friendly, considerate, and trustworthy. Drop cloths and ventilation were in place throughout the project and Vince left the work site clean. Very competent in his work, he was not deterred by the occasional unexpected finding (leaks and rot) or my last minute change in floor tile and grout (which I supplied). Vince and I agreed on who would make which purchases and he provided advice and quantity requirements on the purchases I made.

I could not be more pleased with the service and the results and I recommend Vince without hesitation. I would definitely hire him again.”

— K.P.
Service provided: Refinished two bathrooms

“Did a great job refinishing our tub. Will use again in the future.”

— B.N.
Service provided: Refinish tub

“Vince provided and estimate and a date to re-glaze 2 bathtubs in our townhouse. He was punctual, courteous and his work was very professional. He finished the work on time and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

— J.S.
Service provided: We had 2 bath tubs re-glazed.

“This job went very well. Vince did a great job, and I hope to hire him again to refinish my old claw tub.”

— H.D.
Service provided: Vince installed a new toilet and vanity in my bathroom. He also added molding along the edge of the floor and walls.

“Vince was referred to me by a friend, so I was confident enough in his work to not ask for an on-site estimate. I explained to him over the phone that my 100+ year-old house had an original claw foot tub that I use daily and its finish had been badly worn away both from hard water stains and years of use. He told me his price and we scheduled an appointment. He arrived on time in fresh, white, painter’s clothing and I directed him to the bathroom. He explained what he would do and what I should do for the next 48-hours while the surface set. He brought in a large fan to vent the fumes out the bathroom window while he worked. The chemical smell was strong, but did diminish after a few days. He completed his work in less than four hours, including cleaning up and taking his tools back out to his truck. With my receipt was a printed sheet on tub care along with a five-year warranty, guaranteeing his work. My tub looks and feels new! Vince is a fantastic craftsman, takes pride in his work and I would recommend him without hesitation. And, in this record heat wave, my clean, white, glistening bathtub is the perfect respite–multiple times each day!”

— S.F.
Service provided: My 100-year-old, cast iron claw foot tub was scraped and sanded clean, patchy spots were repaired and the whole interior (including the rounded edge) was reglazed with bright white paint.

“We had a 40-year old blue bathtub that sorely needed new color and glazing. I called Vince Greco, the owner, because of the wonderful reviews I read and had confidence in their accuracy. I am a stickler for detail and every report I read (and there were lots of them), was in high praise of his services. I decided to go with this company because I felt 30 wonderful reports couldn’t all be wrong.

Vince showed up exactly on time and got right to work. He worked neatly and efficiently and a few hours later I had a beautiful refinished bathtub. That night a few drops of water unexpectedly dripped on the surface creating a raised area near the drain. I called Vince and he came the next day to repair the problem area. I am so very happy with the results and the wonderful workmanship.”

— R.F.
Service provided: Recolored bathtub

“Outstanding service in all categories.”

— K.S.
Service provided: Repaired/replaced bathtub tile, grout; reglazed tub and tile

“Vince was exceptional! 1.) Showed up the day a blizzard was starting & took his time. 2.) We weren’t sure what color we wanted. He came prepared with several choices, made a recommendation, and he was right on! 3.) In order to do the job he needs to be able to ventilate the room. The problem was our bathroom window was old and painted shut. He must have spent 10 minutes getting it open. He could have just used his hose to ventilate through another window but he felt strongly that he wanted the room to be able to adequately ventilate after he leaves so he kept working until it was ideal. 4.) He left the area clean with no mess 5.) Once the tub was dry I noticed a few imperfections. I called him up. He said without hesitation, “When can I come to take a look?” He came today, buffed it out, and it’s perfect! He stands by his product (4 year warranty). Great job! I highly recommend him.”

— B.W.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review

“Vince was a life-saver! We had a plumbing company do some work, including installing a shower/tub liner. The caulk peeled up repeatedly even after the owner re-caulked twice. Vince came out and looked at it and found that the center panel was properly glued so it would always flex and break the caulk. Vince gave us a quote and we set an appt. Vince explained everything clearly, was prompt and cleaned up the area. He let us know that the new caulk needed a longer drying time. It looks beautiful and we haven’t had a single problem with the liner or caulk since Vince fixed it!”

— K.B.
Service provided: Vince removed part of our shower/tub liner and re-glued it to the wall studs. He removed old caulk, sanded to create a rough gripping surface and thoroughly cleaned and dried the tub edge. Then he applied a specialty caulk used on boats that adheres even underwater! He was professional throughout, explained everything well, and cleaned up after his work. He even made some other suggestions on improvements we might make to our bathroom.

“It went very well. He arrived on time and did a very efficient job. The tub looks great. He cleaned up everything and gave me some pointers on maintaining the finish.”

— T.U.
Service provided: Refinished the tub. Also repaired some rust spots around the faucet without charging extra.

“Extremely professional and confident in what he does. Pleasant experience with no problems.”

— P.R.
Service provided: Refinished a medium blue tub to white that I expected to bleed through. When completed the tub was showroom quality.

“My 20 year old tub was looking very old. He cleaned it with an intense chemical product, retiled some loose tiles, cleaned the grout and made it look brand new. He could have changed the color of the tub if I wanted that. This was more economical than relining the tub. He was very professional. He did a really good job. I could not use the tub for a couple of days because the effects of the toxic chemical had to disperse. I was really impressed. It was a lifetime product and it was better than other options. If I had changed the color of the tub, the floor would have to be redone after pulling out the old floor. Further, if it was not done properly, it would have to be redone. To reline a tub, the entire rim of the tub would have to be demolished and reworked. This was a better option.”

— S.M.
Service provided: Affordable Refinishing LLc refinished my tub in February.

“Very professional. Took about 2-3 hours. He arrived promptly, matched the color of the fixtures, used an exhaust system to evacuate chemical fumes.”

— W.S.
Service provided: Refinished ceramic coat of one bathtub.

“Vince was responsive and professional. He found a convenient date, came as scheduled, was scrupulous in the care he took and delivered a great finished product. The tub looks brand new. He also did a little bit of cleanup and recaulking on a second tub, which was beyond what I’d originally asked him to do.”

— A.S.
Service provided: Refinished porcelain tub, recaulked tub in second bathroom

“Absolutely everything went smoothly. Vince was very responsive and came and gave an estimate quickly. The work he did was fantastic, and he was very professional and friendly. While he was waiting for one of the sinks to dry, he fixed a door latch of mine at no extra charge.”

— L.T.
Service provided: The company came and refinished 3 sinks for me and installed 4 new faucets.

“Excellent. Vince was great from the initial discussion on the phone to the day of work. He was honest about the materials he used on our tub. The work was done very well. The smell after was easily dissipated by keeping the bathroom window cracked. The next day, the smell was hardly noticeable. Highly recommend!”

— R.L.
Service provided: Strip old recoat off of tub, prepare surface, apply new tub coating, and caulk

“I scheduled well in advance with Vince, as I only have the one bathroom, and I needed to use my neighbor’s shower on a weekend when she was out of town. Vince accommodated my schedule. He arrived exactly when he said he would, and worked diligently until the job was done. I was absolutely astounded at the difference in my refinished bathtub. I recently bought a new white cultured marble vanity top, and I thought how dingy the tub looked next to the new vanity top. Now, the tub looks whiter and better than the brand new vanity top!”

— K.C.
Service provided: Vince refinished my old porcelain bathtub. The house was built in 1929, and we moved here in 1952. I don’t know if this is the original bathtub, but it was porous and stained. I explored the possibilities of using a tub liner versus refinishing. I chose refinishing because it was more affordable, and because I have pretty 30 year old picture tiles which I didn’t want to cover.

“It is beautiful. He was very professional and came in a white suit. He left it clean and perfect looking. He did an excellent job, the price quoted was the price I paid. It was very, very nice. He told me there was an area that was covered over so he filled that in.”

— R.C.
Service provided: He refinished my bathtub.

“In the spring of 2008 Vince Greco reglazed a 1950’s pink bathtub to match the rest of the new white fixtures in the main bathroom of my nearly 100 yr old home. I’ve been waiting to write this review because I wanted to see how I felt about the reglazing after using the bathtub over a period of time. After seeing Affordable Refinishing listed as one of the best contractors in the Baltimore area I thought this would be a good time to submit my report. Think about the best experience you’ve ever had with any kind of contractor and my experience with Vince was most likely better still. As to the actual work done: it took about half a day to complete and involved some very toxic chemicals. Vince hooked-up a powerful fan to a window in a nearby room with a metal duct leading back to the bathroom to vent the area. He removed the tub fittings, cleaned the tub, removed all the old caulk, sprayed on the new glaze, recaulked the tub and cleaned the bathroom. He also taped paper cups to the ends of the shower nozzle and tub filler to prevent the possibility of water dripping on the new glaze and gave me an information sheet on tub care.

Vince was professional and responsible. He did everything he said he would do when he said he would do it and at the agreed upon price. I have already recommended him to several friends and co-workers. It’s clear that he enjoys his work and takes pride in doing it well. The reglazing has held up very well and it looks fantastic. I thought the tub might be more slippery, but it is not. I couldn’t use it for 2 days and the chemical smell took about a week to clear. That smell is very potent and I would recommend that pets, children and anyone with allergies or any kind of breathing problem stay away from the area for at least a few days.”

— S.C>
Service provided: Recolored pink tub white

“Vince Greco did the work. He provided estimates on two bathtubs to be refinished. We chose to complete one tub to see how that one looked prior to completing the second. Vince worked very hard preparing the tub and completing the process. He answered my many questions about the process and upkeep. He provided me with written instructions; including proper cleaning products. I was very pleased with the results and the tub looks like new. He was very professional and I was comfortable with him in our home. As soon as we complete the other necessary repairs, I will call him back to do the other tub.”

— P.M.
Service provided: Refinished bathtub in very poor condition.

“He was excellent all the way through. He returned my call promptly and came promptly at the time of my appointment. His priced stayed the same, he charges a standard price. I thought it was reasonable. The tub looks great! I would hire him again.”

— L.E.
Service provided: He removed the caulking from the bathtub, cleaned, sanded and repaired missing porcelain around the drain. He filled the chips and refinished the entire tub in white as well as caulked.

“Vince was extremely professional and accessible. We talked prior to scheduling the job and I was very impressed with his knowledge and demeanor. He confirmed our appointment the day prior and showed up right on schedule with a few minutes to spare. My husband was here to greet him and the job took less time than anticipated but, once complete…AMAZING!!! My husband text messaged me at work to let me know that Vince was finished and our bathtub looked brand new. My husband’s exact words were, “It is so obvious that he takes pride in his work!” When I came home to see our newly refinished bathtub, I was speechless. I couldn’t have dreamed of a better job. In 48 hours I was finally soaking in a bath for the first time since we purchased our old home that we have been remodeling. Thank you Vince for such workmanship. I would recommend Vince over and over again! Mike and Dee Walters.”

— D.M.W.
Service provided: Bathtub refinishing.

“I was to meet Vince at the house and he arrived a little early and was there and waiting for me when I got there. He covered up the newly installed floors in the bathrooms and was very careful about all of the “new stuff” in the bathrooms. He carefully ventilated the rooms by opening windows and using a window fan, which he supplied. He did both tubs within a six hour period from start to finish. Both were beautiful! We could not imagine that they would turn out so well. Vince was highly professional and businesslike. He is excellent at his trade, also. We would definitely use him again and highly recommend him.”

— J.B.
Service provided: Vince refinished two tubs, one claw foot, likely original to this 1900 built house and the other badly stained 1930’s vintage.

“Terrific experience. Would definitely recommend.”

— E.L.
Service provided: Remove the caulking from bathtub. Clean, sand and acid-etch the porcelain. Repair rough areas with filler and sand smooth. Refinish the entire tub in white and re-caulk. Touch up some grout lines. Repair three chips in other bathtub. Fill and color to match.

“Vince returned my call shortly after I left a message for an estimate. He called the night before to remind me of my appointment and showed up on time. He was very professional and did a great job. My bathtub looks so good it puts the rest of my bathroom to shame. Now I will have to move ahead with the rest of my bathroom remodel ideas 🙂 He provided me with useful information on how to care for my bathtub and answered all of my questions. I would definitely recommend this company. It was a refreshing change from dealing with some other contractors.”

— C.S.
Service provided: Bathtub refinishing

“Went exactly as planned. Showed up, did the job well, was nice and professional.”

— N.G.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“I called Mr Greco to examine the bathtubs and to tell me what he could do to improve the situation. As part of the discussion I was advised to either replace the glass shower doors or remove them and use shower curtains. My wife and I decided on the latter. Mr. Greco called the night before each appointment to verify that we were ready, and he arrived at exactly 8:30 each morning. The work took about 3 and a half hours and the results were beautiful. Vince thoroughly cleaned out all previous caulking and neatly re-caulked all around the tubs, and even in the corners of the tile walls, which were not part of the job. He also installed the shower curtain rods we had bought. I asked a lot of questions which Mr. Greco answered very affably. He gave a lot of advice about the future use and care of the tubs. They could not be used for 48 hours and the strong solvent smell, which he used an exhaust fan system to reduce while he worked, gradually dissipated over the next two days. Over all we were very satisfied.”

— F.R.
Service provided: Two bath tubs, whose inside bottoms were eroded, were refinished. Sliding glass shower doors were removed from both tubs.

“There is not much of a “story.” When I called him for an estimate, we basically did that over the phone based on what I told him about the tub. He answered a lot of questions that I had and we set up a time for him to do the work. When I initially made the call, I left a message. He returned my call within minutes. I felt comfortable with him immediately and felt there was no need to contact other service providers. He arrived on the date of the appointment and went to work. I’m a “20 questions person” but he had no problem taking the time to answer all of my questions and made helpful suggestions. The tub turned out beautiful! And, he was willing to help me with a minor problem I had installing a new shower massage, however, by the time he got there, I managed to do it myself.”

— J.M.
Service provided: Caulking removed from bathtub. Visible rust spot was grinded from the overflow. Cleaned, sanded and acid-etched the tub. Repair of 2 chips with filler. Refinished entire tub and recaulked.

“Awesome! I’m selling the house and thought I was done with updates, but the agents suggested refinishing the stained tub. And they were right – the tub looks so new, and blindingly white. It brightened up the whole 50’s bathroom. Vince was very helpful. He knew I was working toward listing the house asap, and when he had a cancellation, was able to work me in sooner. The agents told me this is money well spent. The only “downside” is that now the wall tiles look dingier in comparison.”

— L.B.
Service provided: Refinished a 50 year old tub and made it look new.

“It was an amazing experience. He returned calls promptly. He showed up on time. He did a great job. He’s a nice guy, and everything looks great!”

— M.T.
Service provided: Our tub was badly stained and scarred from age and the removal of an old set of shower doors. Vince filled the scars, sanded it smooth, recoated the tub, and re-caulked everything.

“Top notch work, done right on time and for the right price.”

— S.L.
Service provided: Refinish old bathtub with stains and decals.

“Very courteous and extremely professional. Job took only 4 hours from start to finish. Came on a Saturday to give us an estimate and the tub was refinished by Thursday afternoon! Would definitely recommend him to others.”

— M.S.
Service provided: Vince refinished our old bathtub. Stripped off an old do-it-yourself epoxy covering to the original blue bathtub and refinished it in white.

“Excellent work, done promptly, neatly.”

— H.P.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing Review.

“We had an old tub. It was in terrible shape. There were pock marks, rust, and fish-shaped sticky grippy things from the 50’s to keep you from slipping. My parents had their tub refinished and it looked brand new. I called Vince and he actually remembered my parents. He came in and made our tub look brand new. He stripped the old finish off. Got rid of all of the rust. Laid down a new glossy finish. And on top off that did one of the best caulk jobs I’ve ever seen. This man really takes pride in his work!! My only complaint is now our tub looks so good we have to refurb the whole bathroom. Thanks a lot Vince!!”

— C.F.
Service provided: We had our bathtub refinished. The tub was stripped, cleaned, and all rust was removed. Applied a new finish and caulked.

“You cannot use the tub for 48 hours, but i let it set for 96 hours. I have another shower. He also caulked all around the tub, and I have a ledge at the end of my tub which he also re caulked. Was I pleased, you bet. I recommend him highly. He is A+++++++++! It went very well, my nosy cat even wanted to get in on the act and Vince was just great about the cat. I then put my 2 cats in another room.”

— C.B.
Service provided: I am re-doing my bathroom, and I have a blue tub. Well, when I found Vince as recommended, I called him. What a great person, he is thorough, personable, prompt and excellent at his work. He told me he likes to please his customers. I was thrilled with the transformation of my tub from 1969 blue to 2007 white, not just white but glossy white.

“I am pleased with how it turned out.”

— C.E.
Service provided: Vince re-glazed my pink tub and now it is a shiny white.

“As promised, the owner came and performed the job to my complete satisfaction. This tub had a HUGE black spot where the porcelain wore completely away. It had a old glass shower slider installed into the tiles. Vince brought the tub back to what looks like NEW condition. He took down the slider and made the tile look like nothing was ever screwed into it. My tenant reported that he was friendly and cleaned up after himself. I liked that Vince communicated through email. I would use Vince again.”

— J.A>
Service provided: Refinish tub, remove shower stall, put up shower curtain rod, and caulk.

“Vince was great in every way. He was prompt and courteous and the work that he performed was excellent.”

— A.K.
Service provided: Refinished two tubs, one sink, and tile on the shower stall.

“I cannot say enough positive things about Vince and the work he completed. He was on time, efficient, and the finished product looks amazing. The price was extremely reasonable too. Vince is a very nice and accommodating person. If I ever need to refinish a bathroom again, or know of someone who does, I will make sure they use Affordable refinishing. Thanks Vince! Now we can shower without stepping on kids toys.”

— A.M.
Service provided: Removal of existing shower liner, installed new liner, painted cast iron tub, and fixed the lever that opens and closes the drain.

“Great work, and included a two year guarantee on the refinishing.”

— J.B.
Service provided: Bathtub Refinishing.


— W.J.